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Monster Marionette, Blue (24")

Monster Marionette, Blue (24")

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This Blue Monster marionette is an innovative string puppet that will hop, skip, and dance simply by moving the control bar and strings.

The puppet itself is approximately 16" tall from head to toe. The strings connected to the control bar are about 8" in length, therefore the total length from the top of the "T" control bar to the toe of the puppet is approximately 24".

The control bar offers a "tangle free" feature. Simply pop out the peg on the control bar to remove and untangle the strings if need be. Mouths are not moveable.

Puppets are surface washable only, they should never be submerged in water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David B.
Excellent product/Great experience

I bought five marionettes for my 3-year-old nephew to help keep him busy during the pandemic quarantine primarily. He's in another state so I have not yet seen the marionettes myself but I've seen video of him playing with them and heard descriptions from his mother. Great quality for the price. Excellent purchase experience. If I ever needed puppets of any kind, I would again buy from the Puppet Store.

Gloria Hartley
Needs Better Instructions

His arms keep going behind him, and we don't know how to fix him so the arms go in front.

Ashley Peyton
Monster Marionette

Website - Great
Selection - Great
Service / Shipping - Great
Quality of Prodect - Fair
- The monster was cute and a great size, however, the strings tangle easliy and the arms are strung oddly making it look like the arms were sewn on backwards.

Monster Marionette

I was very disappointed with this puppet. Although he was cute, the strings were very awkwardly placed. It was impossible to move the marionette realistically. The puppet was too light and the controls
and attachments too poorly made to use.
You should never sell these as marionettes. It ruins your reputation.


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