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God's Kids Complete Christan Kid's Puppet Set, with Scripts (6 Full Body Puppets)

God's Kids Complete Christan Kid's Puppet Set, with Scripts (6 Full Body Puppets)

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Includes 6 fullbody puppets and Christian scripts.
Each of these "God's Little Helpers" puppets is a 25" full body puppet. However, don't be fooled by the "little" in the name, these puppets are not small in size by any means!

An arm rod will come with each puppet for great arm movement. They are very beautifully made "muppet" style puppets. Simply place your hand in the plush lined back of each puppets head to work the mouth. Great for kids of all ages and those who still wish they were a kid!

Perfect to start a puppet ministry or an absolutely fabulous add-on to your existing youth church puppet ministry. Church, professional, or at home use!

Included In Set: (6) Six Puppets!!!

* 1 Boy "Jesus Is My Superhero"

* 1 Hispanic Girl "Cristo Te Ama"

* 1 Boy "G.A.P. God Answers Prayers"

* 1 Girl "Smile, Jesus Loves You"

* 1 Ethnic Boy "Always Say A Prayer"

* 1 Girl "God Is Love"

Shirts may vary slightly due to availability.


Insert one hand into the slot in the puppet's back to operate the mouth.


Instant Puppet Skits: 20 Stories From People Who Met Jesus!

In this book, you'll get 20 quick-prep, easy-to-do puppet skits with complete dialogue and sound effects on 2 long-play CDs! Children will learn 20 important Bible stories about Jesus, featuring characters who have just met Jesus. Includes stage directions, backgrounds, and photocopiable props!

This is a great addition to our 
Bible Character Puppets

Customer Reviews

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Dani Castillo
Great product

This is a great product especially for beginners. We bought this set for our church ministry and we surprised it arrived so quick. The folks using them found them very easy to use. They are great quality. We love the different ethnicities. We will definitely be riding more as our needs arise. The only thing we would have found useful is a Spanish option for the cds and book. As a Hispanic ministry we have to translate everything but it great to have a starting point.


Customer review

Trina Roemheld

Customer review

Cindy Franklin
God's Kids Puppet Set

Our set of God's Kids puppets arrived quickly and we were very pleased with them. We put them to immediate use, since we are suddenly having to livestream all of our children's lessons due to the current quarantine situation. We used the puppets to perform and video a skit about Palm Sunday, which we wrote ourselves, then used the included script book to also perform and record skits to post for the children throughout the remainder of Holy Week. Having found ourselves suddenly thrust into reviving a puppet ministry that had been many years dormant, and faced with a stash of very old puppets in disrepair, we were very happy with this versatile set of puppets.

Anita Johnston

Customer review


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